Fast and Fun!


Let’s go… trough the lake waves!

A day experience by boat to discover the Garda Lake from a new and different point of view. On board it’s possible to see both the lake shores, Brescian and Veronese, and if there is a sunny day also the closest mountains. A different way to see the best Garda Lake can offer. Cocktail on board: guests taste the typical regional food, in the special atmosphere of the sunset.

Gourmet dinner in the hotel is possible.

Let’s start the competition … high speed with go kart!

An alternative day in the kart race, the biggest and most famous race in Lombardia. Guests, with one go kart each and the supervision of a professional instructor, start an emotional challenge. Kart is not only a fun activity but has also an high educational value, important for activities created for groups or team building. A different day, where guests can be as professional drivers … and at the end of the competition will take place the award ceremony of the bests!

Lunch in the beautiful kart race terrace or in a reserved area.


Futuristic Dinner!

Dinner in the most trendy restaurant of the Garda Lake. A glass cube, built near the lake, permitted to guests seeing  the lake from all point of view. An unique and emotional atmosphere impossible to forget, tasting the good Italian food.


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