Recipes from the past


First day

Guests arrival in the hotel. Lunch in reserved area of the restaurant and departure with a private deluxe coach.

Chef for one day

Real chef for an afternoon in a session of cooking class! Guests try to cook in a special lesson with the most traditional chefs; they come from the past with a great knowledge of the historic traditions: the grandmothers! Guests discover all secrets about the Ravioli di Valeggio, a traditional Veronese dish and try to cook it. Valeggio sul Mincio, small city in the south of Garda, attracts every weeks centuries of food and cuisine lovers!

Tradition in the kitchen

Ended the cooking class, guests try the Ravioli cooked themselves and … dinner to try different Ravioli receipts! A gourmet dinner to discover the traditional dishes of Brescia traditions and South of Garda, starting from a tris of first course dish, beef and desserts.

Return in the hotel and overnight.

Second day

Guests departure

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