Garda Lake SPA


“Greatest of wonders in all creation” Johann Wolfgang Goethe

First day

Arrival to 4 star hotel completely eco sustainable, situated in Bardolino in the Verona bank of the lake.

Tasting oil Doc

Afternoon dedicated to the visit of the small city of Bardolino; thanks to the nearby lake, it appears like a peacefull location. Guests discover its little streets and its segrets, walking in the harbour up to Museum. Museum was founded above ten years ago and it’s completely dedicated to one of the Excellence of Garda Lake: the Oil Doc. Museum hold the ancient history of oil and shield the manufactures and the struments for oil production. In the and of the museum there is also a small shop where guests can buy oils, sauces, wines and other products created in Garda Lake.

Return to the hotel, dinner and overnight.

Second day

Half day dedicated to wellness and relax in the hotel, famous for its beauty and its greatness. In the structure there are many swimming pools, sauna, bagno turco and many others treatments.

Sailing in Garda Lake

In the afternoon departure for a tour of the Garda Lake in a private boat. First stop in Peschiera, to admire the great fortified walls, untill Borghese island, a private island where is possible to have dinner in the small restaurant inland. In the island there is a beautiful palace, possible to rent in exclusive for guests. There they have a gourmet dinner and pass the night dancing and singing.

Return to the hotel and overnight.

Third day

Verona, romantic city described by William Shakespeare is only 30 km to the Garda Lake. Famous all over the world cause of Giulietta and Romeo’s house and Lyric Festival in the Arena, guests can visiti t and discover all its precious secrets. Lunch during the visit.

Excellent Wine Tasting

Afternoon dedicated to the visit of a famous wine cellar in Soave area, in Veneto region. Soave is one of the best and most famous Verona’s wine. Guests visit the wine cellars, the production fases areas and walking in the vineyards with a excellence protagonist: a famous sommelier ready to speak and descibe all wine secrets, and obviously to tast i a wine tasting session the famous Soave wine. Guests have dinner in the resco room in the ancient wine cellar.

Return in hotel and overnight.

Fourth day

Guests departure.

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